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Les Chaises Bleues: the symbol of relaxation in Nice

By Katie Bonnema: NICE, France – For more than 60 years Les Chaises Bleues have been a special place to meet, chat and enjoy the views of the Mediterranean Sea from the Promenade des Anglais. “Paris has the Eiffel Tower and Nice has the blue chairs,” said Sébastian Di Natale, a Niçois (a native of Nice) […]

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Henri Matisse’s art in Nice ‘Deceptively simple’ but difficult to imitate

By Zoë Kaler: NICE, France – For the last 13 years of his life, Henri Matisse sat in a wheelchair, cutting paper into simple forms like a child would. By the time he died in Nice in 1954 at age 84, Matisse was internationally recognized as one of the fathers of modern art. “When someone […]

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Video: Street performers define Nice culture on the Promenade

By Brian Sheridan: This video package is about the different kinds of street performers in Nice, France. From musicians to dancers to painters, all of them come to Promenade des Anglais at night to showcase their passion.

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Despite commercial challenges, the Côte d’Azur continues to inspire artists

By Isabelle Docto: NICE, France — Every morning at around 9, a man lays out his black stool, satchel and grocery bag. He props 8-10 canvases of his art against the wall of an old building on Rue de la Prefecture in Vieille Nice. The pieces are a mixture of photography and acrylic pigments layered on […]

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Slideshow: Chez Theresa and socca, traditional wood-fired food

By Claudia Cañedo Lou: NICE, France — At Chez Theresa, a socca restaurant provider in Old Nice, owner Ron Accord starts his day at 5 a.m. by making the mix for this popular chickpea pancake in a wood-fired oven. He pours this batter onto a large iron plaque where it bakes into a crispy golden crêpe. Simple ingredients and […]

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Logo for Les Chats des Casa Mia

Artist makes cat rocks for a boutique where cats rock

By Madonna Dennis: NICE, France – Look into the boutique at 12 Rue du Pont Vieux in Old Nice and several cat eyes stare back. They’re everywhere. On bags, on statues, on rocks and keychains. The face of people’s more mysterious companion is plastered on everything in the store. Les Chats de Casa Mia offers […]

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An immigrant story: Italian struggles to find her niche in Nice

By Darrion Behrendt : Nice, France — Start at Place Massena, walk past the Apollo statue and follow the tram line past one of the Fenocchio’s  gelato shops. Then, take a right. Keep going into Vieille Ville (Old Nice) until you get to a large building with a sort of courtyard area. If you’re lucky, you will […]

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The competition between traditional and gluten-free bread in France

By Riley Schmidt: NICE, France — An old-fashioned French baguette – the kind that has been a staple here since the 19th century — consists of fewer than five ingredients. All it takes is a little bit of special flour, salt, yeast and water. Now, many boulangeries in Nice are incorporating extra ingredients, such as olives, […]

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A students’ guide to accommodations in Nice

By Veronica Newbury: NICE, France — When Anna Carroll, 19, stepped off her train and into the perpetually-warm Nice air at 11:20 p.m last Friday night, sleeping on the streets outside the Gare Nice-Ville train station was the last way she expected to conclude her day’s travels. After a day spent travelling along the French […]

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One youth’s health problems lead to a new vegan gelato shop in Nice

By Anna Wischmann: NICE, France — For Charlotte Jurville becoming vegan wasn’t about following a trend or trying to be different. She was sick. She suffered strong headaches and stomach pain. After visits to many doctors, she still didn’t know the cause or the cure for her illness. At the age of 15, the high […]

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