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With 100 flavors, Fenocchio is the most popular gelato shop in Nice

By Grace Christensen: NICE, France — Customers crowd around the glass gelato cases, as the sun beats down in the sweltering afternoon, waiting for their turn to order a refreshing treat to cool them down. Above them hangs the famous Fenocchio sign. The frosty cases are filled with 100 colorful tubs of gelato in a […]

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Audio: Hard Rock Cafe helping the world, one burger at a time

By Kiri Salinas: Hard Rock Cafes are all around the world. For the Hard Rock Cafe in Nice, France, tourists from all over come to enjoy a nice meal and take a look at the music memorabilia. The restaurant can be found right along the Promenade des Anglais by the Mediterranean Sea.

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After 70 years, a French generation remains grateful to U.S. liberators

By Amelia Kimball: Click on her byline to hear the author talk about this story.) “Vive l’amérique!” Isoline Gatti said. Long live America. The 84-year-old French woman raised her glass full of golden Muscat de Rivesaltes and toasted to the liberation of France in 1944. Gatti is proud of her country and proud of her language, […]

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Hardships can’t stop Nice boutique owner’s passion for fashion

By Lindsay Gavin:  It’s almost time for lunch on Tuesday in Nice, France. People are beginning to fill the streets and shops are closing their doors for the allotted hour of midday rest typical of French culture. One door, though, remains open. Sabine Lebegue works tirelessly from morning until evening to keep her clothing boutique […]

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Quality of living more important than cost in Nice, France

By Katy Macek:  When my interpreter and I walk into the café at 2:25 (or 14:25 local time), the owner’s wife smiles, wipes her brow and holds up five fingers before going back to work. Ten minutes later, her husband brings us a pitcher of water, all smiles, while we wait. Despite the afternoon rush […]

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Femme fidélité: Women’s perspectives on relationships in France and the U.S.

By Haley Sheriff:  “It wasn’t romantic at all—nothing like a wedding.” Melissa Spadaro laughs, but her lingering smile confirms its sincerity. A grand reception with a white gown and tall glasses of bubbly champagne is the furthest thought from her mind. She doesn’t care about making an elaborate show out of her relationship. She and […]

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The village of Piène Haute in the mountains of France, early in the morning. Olive farmer Georges Aprosio and his wife Lawrence Ferrer have a home in the village, less than two kilometres away from their organic olive grove. ©2014 Sara Cimetta

Organic olive production high up in the mountains of France

By Sara Cimetta:  Georges Aprosio and his wife Lawrence Ferrer own their own organic olive grove high up in the mountains of France, near the village of Piène Haute. The olive grove is less than two kilometres away from the village. Georges does not sell his olives, but rather gives them and the olive oil he makes with […]

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Life in a small southern French village in the mountains

By Sara Cimetta:  The small village of Piène-Haute in the mountains in the south of France looks like something out of a fairytale. Saturday, July 26 was their annual “Fête d’Été”, or “Summer Celebration” for the town. Activities included a tournament of “boules carrées” and a large dinner for the town. Watch and hear a Soundslides version of […]

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The French love Obama

By Geraldine Tong:  “Cool!” That was what Anais Abder, a French shopkeeper, immediately said in English, when asked about U.S. President Barack Obama. Her colleague, Mathon Lea, nods in agreement beside her. The girls, 21 and 18 years old respectively, both agree that Obama has a certain charisma about him that draws people in. Although […]

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Visit to olive farm immerses ieiMedia student in olive growing culture

By Larissa Jackson:  Sara Cimetta ieiMedia student experienced the lifestyle of a community at first hand when she visited an olive farm in a small village called Piène-Haute.  She was able to talk with community members and get a true feel for the people that live there.  During the visit she was able to take […]

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